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Books I wanted to read but never got around to ...

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Here is a list of books and articles i've collected last year, but i never got around to reading. Instead i was busy playing Day of Defeat.

Windows XP Hacks
BSD hacks
Directx 2004 GDC papers
Dx tips and tricks - articles collection
Some ACM SIGGRAPH Proceedings Papers of 2003 and 2004 (huh?)
Matrix and Vector Manipulation for Computer Graphics.
DDJ Collition detection article.
Generic Collision Detection Using Ellipsoids.
Heuristics and Usability in games.
Improved Collision detection and Response.
Intro to gfx - Waterloo Uni.
Matrix and Vector Manipulation for Computer Graphics.
Graphics Programming black book - Abrash
3D Game Engine Design
Introduction To 3D Game Engine Design Using Directx 9 And Csharp
Richard Williams - The Animator's Survival Kit
Mathematics for games - GMTT
Dissecting A C# Application.
English Idioms - Sayings and Slang.
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic.
John Lions Unix v6 Commentary.
Mitchell- GCC 3.0 The State of the Source.
More Eric Meyer on CSS.
Object-oriented Programming With ANSI C.
Portability of C Programs and UNIX system.
Porting BSD UNIX to a New Platform.
Ray Kurzweil Reader 2001-2003.
Unix Hater's Handbook.
Dictionary Of Networking.
IBM TCPIP Tutorial and Technical Overview.

All those MCSE books i never touched.

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